Drawing icons in Xamarin using PaintCode

A few months ago I came to know PaintCode. PaintCode is a nice piece of application that probably will put an end to all the icon dramas that app developers have. As a programmer I find it very annoying to prepare all the different sizes and shapes of icons for different screen sizes and different platforms. What could be better than bringing the icons (and vector graphics) into your application as code?

Here, you will find a sample Xamarin iOS project which I created, as well as a little bit of discussion about a problem I faced while doing that experiment.

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Calculating Request per Second (RPS) in Azure

These days I’m on a mission to balance our server sizes in Azure with the actual usage. As part of that it’s very important to know our real RPS (Requests per Second).

When you plug your app to Azure AppInsight many valuable data will be captured and recorded. Azure itself, provides some basic queries for showing some useful charts about your usage. For example, response duration, dependency duration etc. however, there will be a time where you need to run your own specific query in order to make business related decisions. At that stage Azure AppInsight Analytics comes to play with an online query builder/editor to help you run custom queries, draw charts and extract meaningful information. Continue reading Calculating Request per Second (RPS) in Azure

My favorite sessions from Microsoft Build 2016

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For the full list of sessions you can visit this page.

The birth of Async.Codes

Few months back I decided to change my job and become a Software Consultant. I applied for a job at Readify, one of the most well known consultant companies in Australia. I then Worked so hard on brushing up on many subjects because I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

After a week of preparing myself and passing their online test which relatively was not so difficult, I got an interview appointment with Richard Banks. Richard is a Principal Consultant at Readify. I had the opportunity to sit at couple of his talks. Continue reading The birth of Async.Codes